Storage Adapters

Storage adapters provide an interface that allows ChatterBot to connect to different storage technologies.

The storage adapter that your bot uses can be specified by setting the storage_adapter parameter to the import path of the storage adapter you want to use.

chatbot = ChatBot(
    "My ChatterBot",

Common storage adapter attributes

Each storage adapter inherits the following attributes and methods.

SQL Storage Adapter

MongoDB Storage Adapter

Database Migrations

Various frameworks such as Django and SQL Alchemy support functionality that allows revisions to be made to databases programmatically. This makes it possible for updates and revisions to structures in the database to be be applied in consecutive version releases.

The following explains the included migration process for each of the databases that ChatterBot comes with support for.

  • Django: Full schema migrations and data migrations will be included with each release.
  • SQL Alchemy: No migrations are currently provided in releases. If you require migrations between versions Alembic is the recommended solution for generating them.
  • MongoDB: No migrations are provided.