Source code for chatterbot.conversation

from pytz import UTC
from datetime import datetime
from dateutil import parser as date_parser

class StatementMixin(object):
    This class has shared methods used to
    normalize different statement models.

    def get_tags(self):
        Return the list of tags for this statement.
        return self.tags

    def add_tags(self, *tags):
        Add a list of strings to the statement as tags.

    def serialize(self):
        :returns: A dictionary representation of the statement object.
        :rtype: dict
        return {
            'text': self.text,
            'search_text': self.search_text,
            'created_at': self.created_at.isoformat().split('+', 1)[0],
            'conversation': self.conversation,
            'in_response_to': self.in_response_to,
            'search_in_response_to': self.search_in_response_to,
            'persona': self.persona,
            'tags': self.get_tags()

[docs]class Statement(StatementMixin): """ A statement represents a single spoken entity, sentence or phrase that someone can say. """ __slots__ = ( 'id', 'text', 'search_text', 'conversation', 'persona', 'tags', 'in_response_to', 'search_in_response_to', 'created_at', 'confidence', 'storage', ) def __init__(self, text, in_response_to=None, **kwargs): = kwargs.get('id') self.text = str(text) self.search_text = kwargs.get('search_text', '') self.conversation = kwargs.get('conversation', '') self.persona = kwargs.get('persona', '') self.tags = kwargs.pop('tags', []) self.in_response_to = in_response_to self.search_in_response_to = kwargs.get('search_in_response_to', '') self.created_at = kwargs.get('created_at', if not isinstance(self.created_at, datetime): self.created_at = date_parser.parse(self.created_at) # Set timezone to UTC if no timezone was provided if not self.created_at.tzinfo: self.created_at = self.created_at.replace(tzinfo=UTC) # This is the confidence with which the chat bot believes # this is an accurate response. This value is set when the # statement is returned by the chat bot. self.confidence = 0 = None def __str__(self): return self.text def __repr__(self): return '<Statement text:%s>' % (self.text)
[docs] def save(self): """ Save the statement in the database. """