Source code for chatterbot.logic.specific_response

from chatterbot.logic import LogicAdapter

[docs]class SpecificResponseAdapter(LogicAdapter): """ Return a specific response to a specific input. :kwargs: * *input_text* (``str``) -- The input text that triggers this logic adapter. * *output_text* (``str``) -- The output text returned by this logic adapter. """ def __init__(self, chatbot, **kwargs): super().__init__(chatbot, **kwargs) from chatterbot.conversation import Statement self.input_text = kwargs.get('input_text') output_text = kwargs.get('output_text') self.response_statement = Statement(text=output_text) def can_process(self, statement): if statement.text == self.input_text: return True return False def process(self, statement, additional_response_selection_parameters=None): if statement.text == self.input_text: self.response_statement.confidence = 1 else: self.response_statement.confidence = 0 return self.response_statement