Source code for chatterbot.logic.best_match

from chatterbot.logic import LogicAdapter
from chatterbot import filters

[docs]class BestMatch(LogicAdapter): """ A logic adapter that returns a response based on known responses to the closest matches to the input statement. :param excluded_words: The excluded_words parameter allows a list of words to be set that will prevent the logic adapter from returning statements that have text containing any of those words. This can be useful for preventing your chat bot from saying swears when it is being demonstrated in front of an audience. Defaults to None :type excluded_words: list """ def __init__(self, chatbot, **kwargs): super().__init__(chatbot, **kwargs) self.excluded_words = kwargs.get('excluded_words') def process(self, input_statement, additional_response_selection_parameters=None): search_results = # Use the input statement as the closest match if no other results are found closest_match = next(search_results, input_statement) # Search for the closest match to the input statement for result in search_results: closest_match = result # Stop searching if a match that is close enough is found if result.confidence >= self.maximum_similarity_threshold: break'Using "{}" as a close match to "{}" with a confidence of {}'.format( closest_match.text, input_statement.text, closest_match.confidence )) recent_repeated_responses = filters.get_recent_repeated_responses( self.chatbot, input_statement.conversation ) for index, recent_repeated_response in enumerate(recent_repeated_responses):'{}. Excluding recent repeated response of "{}"'.format( index, recent_repeated_response )) response_selection_parameters = { 'search_in_response_to': closest_match.search_text, 'exclude_text': recent_repeated_responses, 'exclude_text_words': self.excluded_words } alternate_response_selection_parameters = { 'search_in_response_to': input_statement.text ), 'exclude_text': recent_repeated_responses, 'exclude_text_words': self.excluded_words } if additional_response_selection_parameters: response_selection_parameters.update(additional_response_selection_parameters) alternate_response_selection_parameters.update(additional_response_selection_parameters) # Get all statements that are in response to the closest match response_list = list(**response_selection_parameters)) alternate_response_list = [] if not response_list:'No responses found. Generating alternate response list.') alternate_response_list = list(**alternate_response_selection_parameters)) if response_list: 'Selecting response from {} optimal responses.'.format( len(response_list) ) ) response = self.select_response( input_statement, response_list, ) response.confidence = closest_match.confidence'Response selected. Using "{}"'.format(response.text)) elif alternate_response_list: ''' The case where there was no responses returned for the selected match but a value exists for the statement the match is in response to. ''' 'Selecting response from {} optimal alternate responses.'.format( len(alternate_response_list) ) ) response = self.select_response( input_statement, alternate_response_list, ) response.confidence = closest_match.confidence'Alternate response selected. Using "{}"'.format(response.text)) else: response = self.get_default_response(input_statement) return response