Quick Start Guide

Create a new chat bot


If you are using Python 2.7, be sure that the unicode header is the first line of your Python file: # -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from chatterbot import ChatBot
chatbot = ChatBot("Ron Obvious")


The only required parameter for the ChatBot is a name. This can be anything you want.

Training your ChatBot

After creating a new ChatterBot instance it is also possible to train the bot. Training is a good way to ensure that the bot starts off with knowledge about specific responses. The current training method takes a list of statements that represent a conversation. Additional notes on training can be found in the Training documentation.


Training is not required but it is recommended.

from chatterbot.trainers import ListTrainer

conversation = [
    "Hi there!",
    "How are you doing?",
    "I'm doing great.",
    "That is good to hear",
    "Thank you.",
    "You're welcome."


Get a response

response = chatbot.get_response("Good morning!")

Read only mode

Your ChatterBot will learn based on each new input statement it receives. If you want to disable this learning feature after your bot has been trained, you can set read_only=True as a parameter when initializing the bot.

chatbot = ChatBot("Johnny Five", read_only=True)